Zidane certain of further Champions League success with current squad

Z​inedine Zidane is a happy man it is easy to see and his success has come down to his method of working and an excellent squad that has been put together which the Frenchman is keen to tinker with as little as possible.

The coach does not want anyone else but he also does not want less and so is not keen on the idea of players leaving like Borja Mayoral or Achraf.

As soon as the Champions League final was over and the trophy raised by Sergio Ramos, Zidane told Florentino Perez that they could do it again if the team was not broken up. At that moment Pepe already was set to leave and James did not have a good relationship with the coach but he did want Morata to stay.

A lot has changed since June 4th but the coach has continued on the same line overcoming crisis over the future of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, and saying that the present squad is ready to repeat its success and build on the six trophies already won as coach.

Zidane continues to think that order and hierarchy are the most important and while he liked Mbappe, the directness of Dembele and the trickery of Dybala, he is happy with what he has. Real have lost 30 goals with the departure of Morata and James but players with a lot of quality are there ready to take their place.

Real are ready to accept that Mbappe will not arrive. Zidane did want to wait for his fellow Frenchman and allow him to come without making creating any great media attention which would have happened if he had stayed another season at Monaco.

At the end of the day, Zidane is showing clearly that he is happy at the club which means most to him and his objective is clear, which is on top of beating Barcelona, to ensure that Bale and Ronaldo are fully focused on what they have to do at Madrid which is something that he is achieving.

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