Vinicius Junior’s agent: He’s been a victim of his own success

People if Brazil don’t understand the reasons why

Vinicius Junior isn’t playing more often, claims his agent Frederico Pena.

Speaking about his talented young client, Pena lamented the fact that so much is expected of the 17-year-old and the fact that some supporters find it odd that he doesn’t play all of the time.

“It isn’t normal in Brazil for a kid to always play in his first season at the age of 16 or 17,” he said.

“All of the best players started [their career] later.

“So when he has played, it has been because there weren’t any older players available in his position.

“With the money earned for his sale, Flamengo signed two players for his position, so you could say that he has been a victim of his own success.”

Pointing to the case of Neymar at Santos, Pena doesn’t think the now-PSG star would have played as often had the Sao Paulo club received a fee for him while he was still at the club.

“Santos didn’t play [Neymar] more [than Vinicius Junior] because he was better, as he wouldn’t have played had they had 20 million euros to sign established players.

“If Vinicius Junior played at Fluminense or Botafogo then he’d be the best in the team.”

The agent also pointed out that he isn’t currently worth

45m euros , but that he will be.

“Real Madrid have paid 45m euros not for what he is today, but for what he’ll be in the future,” Pena said.

“People are expecting him to do stuff that Neymar, Ronaldo Nazario, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi didn’t do.

“Not even [Marco] Asensio played the way Vinicius Junior is playing today when he was 17.”

Finally, Pena said that there were some fans who waited for the players in the airport to insult them if they lose and said that his client cannot even go out onto the street.

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