Van Nistelrooy was forced out of Manchester United for upsetting Cristiano Ronaldo

Ruud van Nistelrooy was pushed out of Manchester United after upsetting Cristiano Ronaldo and due to his general attitude it has been revealed in a new set of diaries published by Alastair Campbell.

Tony Blair’s former-head of communications was a confidante of Sir Alex Ferguson, and he claims that the United manager was not happy with Van Nistelrooy before he ended up leaving in 2006.

“He saw him as being very self-centred and he wasn’t sure what to do with him,” wrote Campbell.

“The final straw was when he told Cristiano Ronaldo he had found a new dad in Carlos (Queiroz, Ferguson’s assistant) just after Ronaldo’s dad, who was an alcoholic, had died.

“Carlos asked him to show respect and he said he didn’t respect anyone there.

“He later apologised but CR was not having it.

“Alex sent Van Nistelrooy home when he heard about it later.”

Van Nistelrooy ended up leaving at the end of the season for Real Madrid and he was reunited with Ronaldo in 2009 at the Spanish club but the Dutchman left midway through the second campaign.

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