The Real Madrid slump is a matter of pure laziness

Though there have been red cards (some of them unfair and others deserved), suspensions and referee protests, the fact is that Real Madrid ‘s slump is because of their own laziness, as Cristiano Ronaldo proved with a goalscoring return on Wednesday night.

They are the same personnel as a month ago, but not anywhere near the same physically or mentally.

The debates about the need for a No.9 and the absence of one, have become part of the habitual criticism made to the management team of Zidane-Florentino Perez-Jose Angel Sanchez.

In the month of July they were complimented for the signatures of Ceballos, Theo and the youngsters that returned, but that has now become a stick to beat them with.

Such is the day to day life of being at Real Madrid over the last few years.

Zidane knows he must recover the hunger that seems to have taken a vacation from his team.

In LaLiga, the two draws were as a result of a lack of desire and application, and no Cristiano Ronaldo.

Therefore, it had to be the Portuguese that woke up those who had decided that the Cypriot champion would be easy pickings.

His three goals against APOEL takes his tally to 12 in the last six Champions League fixtures, at least postponing the striking debate for now.

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