Real Madrid ready for the challenge ahead

Having finished their international commitments, Real Madrid are already working hard at Valdebebas to prepare for the upcoming marathon of fixtures in September (seven matches in 22 days), October, November and December (Club World Club included).

However, all of Zinedine Zidane’s concerns are centred around continuing to polish tactical and technical aspects in his squad, not physical.

The forecasts of the physical preparations with Antonio Pintus at the head, and after the demanding preseason carried out in the United States in July, speaks of a team that will be at its peak in the coming months.

There is absolute confidence in the work done during the summer.

As happened last year, the coaching staff have divided the season into two parts; a first tranche from September to December and another from January to May.

This means that Real footballers will again suffer a hard time at Christmas, with the risk that players will feel heavier and stiff in the first games of the year.

In that sense, Zidane prefers to compromise a little more in the Copa del Rey rather than risk LaLiga and the Champions League, which are their main goals again this year.

The physical plan that Real have until December is to emphasise the speed and, above all, the recovery of its players.

Zidane will give very few days off until the end of 2017 because he believes that training is the best way to recover between matches, and he will continue with the plan of extreme rotation.


Players also face this stretch of the season with maximum enthusiasm, as it is one of the phases they enjoy most.

The long physical sessions (thousand-metre series and 40-minute beatings) are over, and the dynamics of a game begin every three days.

From this point until December 20, Los Blancos play a total of 24 matches; that is, a game every four and a half days, without taking into account the international qualification commitments for the World Cup.

“But we’re ready and almost better than last season,” the dressing room insist.

Pintus has an advantage in his second season at Madrid since he has worked with data and reports on his players which he did not have at the start of last season.

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