Ramos: I changed shirts with Neymar and hopefully it will be his last with Barcelona

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos told press after the Clasico that it would be better for his club if Neymar did leave Barcelona.

The future of Neymar

“I have a good relationship with him. We don’t know. I changed shirts with him and I hope it will be his last for Barcelona as it would mean us getting rid of a problem. He has not said anything to me and I am not going to talk about personal things, everyone is free to choose their future. I think he is a great footballer, a vital player for Barcelona and he will decide his future. It would get rid of a problem for us as in the big games he makes the difference.”

The reception in Miami

“For us it is great that football is getting bigger in the United States. We feel comfortable here, we are well received and hopefully we can return many times.”

The match

“It is always good toplay and find your form but we do not like to lose and especially in a Clasico. I think we did well and we are on the right tracks to win trophies. We didn’t go out well in the first ten minutes but we did bounce back after the goals and we pressured up the pitch where we caused problems.


“After two months without playing you do notice it but I felt fine physically and I am looking forward to the Super Cup.”

Super Cup

“We do not like to lose but now we are moving on to the Super Cup which is a trophy and when there is a title at stake then everything changes.”

Spanish federation corruption case

“As national team captain I hope whoever comes in does well. We need to concentrate on Italy as it is a very important game.”

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