Opening night for the Bernabeu’s new singing section

Real Madrid will play their first home fixture of the 2017/18 season this Wednesday evening, which means that the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu’s new signing section will be seen for the first time.

Work was done over the summer to lower the stand behind the goal, with the aim of moving the Grada Fans – a group of around 2,000 lively and vocal supporters, who had previously been located in the third and fourth tiers – to behind that goal at the southern end of the ground.

Not all club members were happy with this development and the Real Madrid Members’ Association released a statement expressing disgruntlement at the fact that some season ticket holders would have to move away from the behind-the-goal area to make room for the new area.

However, many are on board with initiative and the aim is to create an intense atmosphere.

The members of this section must follow some strict rules, such as having to turn up in a Real Madrid shirt, having to stand for the whole 90 minutes and having to give 48 hours of notice if they cannot attend – although they had to give six days of notice this time around, due to the importance of the match.

Members of the group have informed MARCA that that the season ticket for this area of the venue is set at 490 euros per year.

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