Mourinho’s revenge

Four years after his turbulent departure, Jose Mourinho will once again face Real Madrid , looking for revenge.

He has not forgotten the manner of his leaving, reminding Los Blancos directors and players of the same at recent press conferences.

It is for this reason that he has worked hard with his Manchester United team so that he can take the European Super Cup from his former club.

This first title of the season will be the opportunity for the Portuguese to recover from a bad taste in his mouth against a club where he won a Copa del Rey, a Spanish Super Cup and a LaLiga, but who he had to leave under a cloud.

The strong investment made in the summer by United needs an immediate return, so Lukaku, Pogba and Co. need to put on a show and bring the Red Devils back to football’s top table.

Mourinho will also meet again with a player he wants to sign in this summer’s transfer market, Gareth Bale.

He spoke to the Welshman during the friendly in the United States and wants to see him in Manchester next season, although Madrid are reluctant.

A great motivation

In an interview for UEFA, Mourinho acknowledged that playing the final against Real Madrid is something special for him.

“I see Real Madrid as what it is: a great club, the champion of Europe, and it’s a great motivation for us,” he said.

He was also enthusiastic about the possibility of winning.

“This is a new Manchester United, a new generation of footballers. Last season was the Europa League, but now we are returning to the Champions League and a UEFA Super Cup against the best team in Europe, so it is a great opportunity,” he argued.

“My feeling is that I want a team that goes hand in hand with the history of the club, that’s where we want to be.

“Of course we will improve the team and we will try to reach that level.”

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