Madrid win even when they’re walking

The first two minutes of play were enough to show the difference between the current Deportivo and

Real Madrid ; 150 seconds of Real Madrid touching the ball, walking around the Estadio Riazor pitch without a care in the world.

It was a letter of introduction for what was going to happen.

The goals were only a matter of time and if there was any doubt, Keylor Navas kept the hosts at bay with two decisive stops.

A Real victory was always on the cards and both sets of players knew it.

Their superiority was obvious and for that reason they decided to play at a slower pace because they know the goals were going to arrive.

This is a team that play when they want and squeeze when they need too.

The problem can come when that superiority becomes an excess of confidence and that’s why Zidane got angry a couple of times.

Deportivo supporters watched those 150 seconds in stunned silence.

Zidane knows that matches like this are going to be repeated throughout the season but that without intensity, Real can lose unexpectedly.

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