Keylor Navas: Real Madrid are giving 100 percent in our preparation to win titles

Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas is convinced that the upcoming season will be just as fruitful, or even more so, than the last campaign, with

Zinedine Zidane ‘s side having begun pre-season training in the United States in preparation.

Last season, Los Blancos secured their first LaLiga title since 2012 and also became the first team to win the Champions League back-to-back in the post-European Cup era.

“We are giving 100 percent in our preparation and are very pleased to be able to train and give our best every day,” Navas told RealMadridTV.

“We are on the right track.”

The Costa Rican also revealed part of Zidane’s training regime for the players, with the team looking to carry on from last season’s success.

“We are doing a lot of hard work because this is the moment in which you can work all aspects,” Navas continued.

“[We will be doing] work with weights, speed work, work with balls of different weight, jumps, fence exercises, ball technique exercises, and aerial work.

“We are trying to work hard so that when the season starts, we are 100 percent.”

Navas also mentioned that the same training exercises will be done at the halfway mark of the season, just following the winter break.

“In December, after the holidays, we will do the same work plan,” said the 30-year-old.

“It gives us a little recharge so that at the end of the season, like last year, we are in a very good physical condition.”

And all of this is for the same goal: to win more titles.

“We have to go with the same humility we’ve had so far,” said Navas.

“The team has the quality to win titles and we are going to fight to do so.

“But we have to go with humility, knowing that we can slowly improve so that we are in good form at the end of the season and can win the titles that we want.”

With two Super Cups and the Club World Cup also on the schedule this year, Los Blancos are targeting what would be a historic sextuple.

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