Isco and Asensio on pole

Real Madrid’s pre-season has left Zinedine Zidane worried but now he has other matters to attend to; both Isco and Marco Asensio deserve a starting spot in his first XI, but the French coach only has space for one of them.

Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema will play as it’s a final, although neither have not been at a good level so far.

Isco has started well and faces the responsibility of channeling his offensive game with a very good physical aspect that will allow him to cover lots of ground beyond his normal starting position.

More meritorious, even, seems the role of Asensio.

He joined a week later in training after having played the U21 European Championship and his peak form is surprising.

It also happened last season, when he seemed fitter than a number of his teammates during the Super Cup final where he announced himself to the wider public, with Real’s first goal of the campaign.

Asensio is a safe bet, a pure thoroughbred.

He is more and more confident playing at the front of the attack and is even to drop back in support of the midfielders and help create.

Manchester United will bring a very physical game on Tuesday and Jose Mourinho knows he should exploit this facet.

Zidane, therefore, needs his fittest men available.

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