For second consecutive year, Cristiano Ronaldo is world’s highest-paid sportsperson

Not only can Cristiano Ronaldo rack up the goals, but he is also a money-making machine and has retained his crown as the world’s highest-paid sportsperson.

Between his salary, image rights, advertisements and sponsorship, he earned a whopping 93 million euros in the calendar year of 2016, which was 5m euros more than he had done in 2015.

According to Forbes, this makes him the leader of sport’s rich list, edging the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James, who earned 86.2m euros.

Lionel Messi and his income of 80m euros rounded off the podium.

In terms of the best-paying sports, basketball is the one with the most representatives on the list, with 32 of the top 100 earners playing in the NBA.

Baseball had 22 players featuring, American football had 19 and football had nine.

Besides Ronaldo and Messi, the other seven footballers to break the top 100 were Neymar (37m), Gareth Bale (34m), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (32m), Wayne Rooney (23.6m), Luis Suarez (23.3m), Sergio Aguero (22.6m) and James Rodriguez (21.9m).

Just one woman broke into the top 100, with Serena Williams earning 27m euros.

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