Florentino Perez’s day

This Sunday marks the final day of the period set out by Real Madrid for candidacies to be presented for their presidential elections.

At this point in time, only Florentino Perez has put himself forward for the top job since the window opened on June 9 and, if no challenger emerges before midnight, then then he will stay on as the capital city club’s president.

Given his current popularity, as a result of the club’s recent success, and given the significant guarantee that must be presented in order to stand in the elections, it is unlikely that these elections will be contested.

This, then, is set to be the third time in a row that Perez is elected as Los Blancos’ president and the fifth altogether, including his previous stint between 2000 and 2006.

It is the sixth time that Perez has stood and the only elections he lost were in 1995, when Ramon Mendoza claimed the job.

In 2000, he stood again and edged out Lorenzo Sanz, staying on until his 2006 resignation and then returning in 2009.

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