Bomb threat at UCLA where Real Madrid are training

Hundreds of students at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), where Real Madrid are training, have been evacuated after a bomb threat.

A university spokesmen said the threat had occurred at one of the recreational facilities and announced the evacuation via Twitter at 22:11 local time (06:11 CET):

“The Hill is in emergency. Please evacuate to Drake Stadium.”

Authorities told KTLA that a suspicious package was found at the UCLA Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, located less than a kilometre from North Athletic Field, where Real are undergoing their preseason workouts.

Three student residences, located inside the campus, were evacuated after receiving a threat by telephone.

“The measures we have taken are by precaution at this point,” spokesman Brian Haas said to the Los Angeles Times.

Two hours after the alarm went off, after midnight, the campus announced that students from at least two of the evacuated residences (Dykstra and DeNeve) could return to the facility and fifteen minutes later they terminated emergency operations.

“Please be cautious and increase your attention,” the university said on Twitter.

Another account reported that students were already returning to their homes after the area was “declared safe.”

Real completed their sessions on Wednesday and the team plans to continue on Thursday starting at 10:00 local time (18:00 CET).

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