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Bale and Benzema relationship with Real Madrid might end

Doubts are beginning to take over the minds of Real Madrid fans, including Real Madrid President Florentine Perez due to their ugly performance so far which could lead to the transfer of one of them (either Gareth Bale,28 or Karim Benzema,29) which result to the end of Real Madrid’s dangerous and famous front line BBC (Bale,Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo).

Real Madrid 3 vs 1 Barcelona Spanish Super Cup first leg match,Bale and Benzema didn’t make the fans happy and got them baffled due to their performances which is termed ugly,which got the fans asking why is Gareth Bale getting in the first team ahead of 21-year-old Marco Asensio?
But Real Madrid’s Manager Zinedine Zidane believes in Gareth Bale,he (Gareth Bale) has a key role to play in 2017-18 season.

Back to the Super Cup first leg match against Barcelona,Bale and Benzema both started the match but they didn’t enjoy good performances but in the second half Real Madrid picked up the win with 3 goals to 1 and thanks to the substitutes Marco Asensio and Cristiano Ronaldo for the late goals.

Marco Asensio has been pushing so hard for the breakout into the starting eleven with some excellent performances while Isco has made himself almost undroppable.

If the duo (Bale and Benzema) fail to make upturn it could to the departure of one of them (Bale and Benzema) and make the move for Monaco star Kylian Mbappe,18 sure.

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