A team to mark an era

The performance at the Camp Nou was the crowning of a team. A side that had been promising for several years that it was going to write its own chapter in the glorious history of Real Madrid.

A team that since the arrival of Zinedine Zidane has swept aside all before them.

Firstly, for the six trophies in 18 months that they have won with two Champions Leagues, two European Super Cups, a Club World Cup and a league along with the Supercopa de Espana that they are half-way towards lifting.

Then for the statistics as they have broken all the records of unbeaten and scoring runs, wins away from home and then finally the team will be remembered for their spirit.

2009 was when it took off

The team begane to come together eight years ago when Florentino Perez began his second spell as president and planned to build another team of ‘galacticos’.

The first of these was Cristiano Ronaldo who arrived as the most expensive player in the world with 96 million euros spent on the reigning European Player of the Year and in 2009 Karim Benzema also came to to the Bernabeu as a player with a strong future ahead of him.

A midfield of 88 million euros

The key to the success has been the midfield which has cost 88 million euros and that Mourinho himself said: “there is nothing like the Madrid midfield, they are unique.”

Put in comparison they all cost less than Paul Pogba and the first to arrive was Luka Modric in 2012 for 30 million euros and he went on to become the best central midfielder in the world.

After that came Isco for 30 million euros, then Casemiro for 5.5 million euros who initially was loaned out to Porto but returned in 2015 after Real decided to act on their buy-back clause.

Finally in 2014 came Toni Kroos to complete the jigsaw in a 25 million euro deal and so 88 million euros in total was spent on a world beating side.

A Spanish heart

Real have gradually become more Spanish over the last few seasons and so now of the 23 man squad there are 12 from the home country: Casilla, Yanez, Carvajal, Vallejo, Ramos, Nacho, Llorente, Asensio, Isco, Ceballos, Vaquez and Mayoral.

Some of those like Carvajal, Nacho and Lucas have been developed at the club while others have been brought in like Sergio Ramos.

Young talent

Another key part in this project has been the commitment to youth with Florentino Perez saying recently: “our young players are outlining the future of the club”

This team will stand out and not just for this generation but also the next. Real are enjoying a golden spell and they have a great future to look forward to as well.

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