A greener Bernabeu

During the summer, the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu will begin its transformation into one of the most energy efficient stadiums in the world.

The overall process will take three years, with the most work being done during the summers of 2018 and 2019 as Madrid City Council look to make the Bernabeu not only the world’s most spectacular, but also the most environmentally friendly stadium.

Step one is to reduce noise pollution, which will see work done to the exterior of the stadium and also to the roof.

Another new feature of the ground will be the creation of a loading and unloading area in the south-east corner in order to free the club’s neighbours of the inconvenience caused by the arrival of trucks each week.

All catering, lawn maintenance and mobile television units will be moved underground to a newly redeveloped second below-ground level.

The new ‘skin’ on the stadiums exterior will also act as an energy saver and more than reducing noise pollution outside, will act as an insulator and temperature regulator as well, thus reducing the reliance on the 1,300 heaters that are used in winter.

These heaters themselves will be replaced by electric models, with solar panels also to be installed.

More pedestrian zones will be introduced around the ground in an attempt to reduce traffic and a garden of 6,000 square metres at Esquina del Bernabeu is also planned.

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