A Clasico with a Superbowl scent

Real Madrid and Barcelona will truly test how popular football has become in the United States when they take part in a pre-season Clasico in Miami.

It will be a historical event for those in attendance as it is just the second time in history that the iconic fixture will take place outside of Spain (the first was a 1982 showdown in Venezuela).

However, this Clasico will be a little different because the organisation behind it has attempted to present it as something of a Super Bowl of football.

The view of Relevent Sports, the company who are in charge, is that if the fixture is one of the most watched games around the world when it takes place in Spain, then why can it not be the same on US soil.

For that reason, various events have been put on in the days leading up to the game throughout the streets of Miami, which have been adorned with posters advertising the fixture.

To convince Madrid and Barcelona to take part in a friendly, not an easy task, the organisers had to assure them that it would be an occasion befitting their presence.

That is why figures like Marc Anthony will be there to sing for the 70,000 supporters at the Hard Rock Stadium during the half-time interval.

The game is also set to be a very lucrative one for all involved, including the clubs and Eleven Sport owner Stephen Ross, who is also in charge of the Miami Dolphins.

“Eight percent of the people who will attend the game will come from many different parts of the United States and will be in Miami from Wednesday until Sunday,” said Ross.

“Cities which host the ICC games such as this can bring up to 14 million dollars but that figure is going to be bigger for this game.”

Both teams trained at the ground on Thursday as excitement builds in the city due to the presence of various fan zones, DJs and the House of LaLiga area.

The price of the tickets is also historical, far eclipsing the amounts that were paid for Real Madrid’s previous games in the USA against Manchester United and City.

For El Clasico, the cheapest seat was available for 200 dollars and the most expensive rose as high as 2,000 dollars, with all seats having been sold out for months and some tickets are now being touted for as high as 10,000 dollars.

“We didn’t just want to host a great game,” said Charli Stiliano of Relevant Sports. “That goes without saying, but we also wanted people to enjoy a great event beyond just the 90 minutes.”

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