A big opportunity for the ‘bullfighter’

Marco Asensio ‘s career, it was the game in which the ‘bullfighter’, as they’ve started calling him in the dressing room, opened up many new possibilities for himself.

It represented the first game in which the young player, only 21 years old, became the leader of Real Madrid.

After the game, he received everyone’s congratulations and earned himself another new nickname; ‘Asendios.’

In any case, nothing seems to alter his calm approach.

He is a footballer who last Sunday did not understand the fuss and spoke to the press without feeling important.

The performance of the team is always put ahead of his own personal displays and it’s abundantly clear from the many “we” rather that “I” sentences that Marco Asensio is a footballer with his feet on the ground.

He knows where he comes from and despite his youth, he has already faced traumatic life situations, such as the death of his mother.

That’s why he understands that the goldfish bowl in which many players live is not real.

On Monday, he was with Spain and his move up from U21 to the senior team was as natural as his evolution as a footballer.

No one doubts that he will be in Russia least of all the player himself beacause the World Cup is his great goal.

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