Ceballos: You have fear about other things but not playing for Real Madrid

New Real Madrid player Dani Ceballos looked comfortable as he sat down for his first press conference at his new club and when asked about whether he was nervous about what was ahead he said: “you have fear about other things but not playing for Real Madrid.”

Here are some of his other phrases:

Presentation: “Putting on a Real Madrid shirt is not something that you do every day, it is a great pride to be part of this club, it is the best in the world by a distance and hopefully I will be here for a long time.”

Offers : “I had no doubts about choosing Madrid, this is where I wanted to be and when Florentino got in contact with me I didn’t listen to anyone else. I know the competition and I will look to take advantage of each training session and each minute that Zidane gives me to get a place in the team.”

Plan : “I am young and I am really looking forward to being here, I am here to work, have a good time and learn from world class players. I aim to learn as much as I can so that one day I will be like Luka or Toni and be a part of the history of the club.”

Pressure from interest by Barca: “I cope with pressure well, with my family and I was sure that I wanted to play here. My objective was to play here and now I am at the best club in the world and proud to wear the shirt.”

Role in midfield: There are top class players, I have come with the aim of working hard, being consistent and to take advantage of the time I have to show what I can do.”

A close friend in Asensio: “We have been talking for a while. In the national team he told me that if I have the chance to come here then I need to take it because it is the best club in the world. I knew I would have his help as a friend and teammate which has been a key point.”

Asensio on playing for Madrid : ” I think Marco is a good example as he came here as a kid and now he has an important status at Real and it is down to hard work each day. It is important not to let your head drop and keep going as the chance will come.”

The tour: “I am really looking forward to getting on the plane tomorrow. Sergio (Ramos) said hello and he is going to welcome me with open arms. We have a good relationship, we have had similar life experiences and I hope to achieve what he has done.”

Style of play: “I am more comfortable in the middle of the pitch, bringing other players into the game but I will play how Zidane wants.”

Fear of competition: “You can have fear about other things but not about being at Real Madrid. My chance will come and I will take it. I want to have the challenge of playing for the best team in the world.”

Morata: “Everyone takes their decisions, I don’t know him. I have come here with my clear objectives and I know what my objective here will be.”

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